LIT501 - Chanting Practicum One

LIT501 - Chanting Practicum One (3 Units)
Prerequisites: None
Textbook: Five Mountain Traditional Chanting Booklet (Purchase or Free Download with Course)
Course Length: 9 week course 
Additional Course Expenses: A moktak if you don't have one is nice to have but not required, the books are available for download or for purchase if one wants a hard copy.

This course offers downloadable mp3s for each chant and interactive videos that will guide the student each step of the way. The chanting books are available as purchase or in downloadable format.

Chanting practice is an extremely important aspect of the Zen student’s daily liturgy. Newer students sometimes have great difficulty understanding the efficacy of chanting practice. Usually, these doubts and questions subside after chanting for a regular period of time, and most of these students eventually arrive upon a similar understanding of this chanting practice, which is something like, ‘oh! When I completely focus on my voice and the voices around me during chanting I sometimes experience the stopping of all the mental chatter in my head!’

Tuition: $50.00