KBS562 - Wonhyo: Selected Works (Not Active)

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KBS562 - Wonhyo: Selected Works (3 units)
Textbook: Collected Works of Korean Buddhism – Volume 1: 元曉 Wonhyo: Selected
9 Week Course currently in Development

This course, devoted exclusively to Wonhyo, has the aim of providing a solid introduction to the seminal writings of Korean Buddhists from early times up to the present through selected translations primarily from the Collected Works of Korean Buddhism. In this volume we have included, along with an anthology of Wonhyo’s writings, selections from various accounts of his life, with the intent of allowing the reader a significant glimpse into his life as well as his works. We have attempted to provide a set of writings that provides a balanced and representative sampling, allowing a view into the core of Wonhyo’s thought. This includes the prefaces and prolegomena of several works, two complete “doctrinal essentials” commentaries on two texts, and three short works of exhortation to faith and practice.

Tuition: $50.00